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The South end of the county (Richmond Hill) is growing tremendously. Hundreds of homes are planned for communities offering everything from “walk to school” locations, pool/tennis complexes, to deepwater dock facilities. Prices for these upcoming homes in the south end average about 175,000. You can expect to get 3 to 4 bedrooms, 2 or 3 bathrooms, and other usual amenities, including an attached two-car garage. There is also plenty of existing homes on the market which begin in the 90,000 price range.

Several factors affect the price of new and used homes in the county. One of the biggest factors is if the home is located on the waterfront, or is nearby to the marshland or creeks. These homes will be more expensive.

The North end of the county (Pembroke) is also steadily growing but at a slower pace. People who are looking for rural living will want to check out Northern Bryan County. The Black Creek Golf Course Community is attracting many new residents. Northern Bryan County also has a vibrant rental market, many homes and mobile homes are available for someone looking to rent.

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