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Fort McAllister
The history of this State Historic Park parallels that of the land as a prime site for human use because of its unique positioning geographically. It occupies a point of land that is bounded by the Great Ogeechee River and salt marsh, Ossabaw Sound separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the barrier island of the same name, and Redbird Creek. Because of this location, the land has provided an unusual variety of flora and fauna, access to both salt and fresh water and a strategic point of entry into the interior.
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Richmond Hill Historical Society
The Richmond Hill Historical Society was founded in the early 1980's as a chapter of the Queens Historical Society. After more than a decade of inactivity The Richmond Hill Historical Society was re-founded in 1997 as an independent not-for-profit, community based organization.
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Richmond Hill Welcome Center
The Richmond Hill Welcome Center has local, Savannah, Coastal Georgia and Georgia Tourist information.

Highway 17 & I-95, Exit 87
P. O. Box 1067
Richmond Hill, GA 31324

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Black Creek Golf Club
Black Creek Golf Club is located in Bryan County, Georgia, and offers an 18 hole Par 72 course with 4 sets of tees. Black Creek Golf Club is located 1.5 miles south of I-16 at Exit 143 on Route 280. Black Creek Golf Course is located minutes from downtown Savannah, and minutes from Statesboro, home of Georgia Southern University. Black Creek was nominated for Golf Digest's Top 100 New Public Courses for 1995. Black Creek Golf Course is an upscale daily fee, offering a limited number of memberships.
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Waterford Landing Golf Course
Type SP
18 holes
6103 ydg.
69.8 rtg.
120 slp.
71 par

Richmond Hill Convention & Visitor's Bureau

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